Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pipeworks Lizard King Review

Name: Pipeworks Lizard King
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 6%

The next Pipeworks Brewing beer I have is yet another Mosaic Hop-based beer called Lizard King, which is an American Pale Ale. Like Ninja vs. Unicorn before it, this too also possesses some epic label artwork whose awesomeness cannot be done justice in this photo alone. In addition to that, the commercial description of this beer on Beer Advocate is also pretty awesome as well:

On the epic battlefield, where The Unicorns and The Ninjas fight it out, there is a newcomer. Legend has told of of The Lizard King's arrival since the first "Hiiiiiya" hit the first Uni-horn, and now, he is finally here. Does this Mosaic hopped pale ale have the power to settle the strife? Only time will tell...

Not to sound presumptuous or anything, but this beer better be pretty awesome if you're going to hype me up with the description and artwork.

Appearance - Moderately hazy wet yellow straw color with a mild amount of carbonation. The head is surprisingly fizzy save for a thin white film and there's not much in terms of lacing either.

Aroma - Grapefruit & citrus sweetness with a slight hint of bitter hops. There's also some light yeastiness in here along with some pale maltiness that lingers in the back.

Taste - Pretty similar to the nose. You've got the citrus and grapefruitiness upfront along with some bitter hops; In that order. Backing all this up is some yeasts and pale malt backbone, which linger throughout the back end of the palate. The aftertaste is made up of some more pale maltiness and that grapefruit bittersweetness.

While this didn't quite blow me away as much as I expected, this beer is still no slouch in terms of quality. It's got a nice hop profile while managing to stay out of IPA territory at the same time.\, thanks in part to the yeast & malty aspects of the flavor. If you enjoy pale ales, you'll enjoy this. If you enjoy Mosaic Hops, like me, you're obviously going to enjoy this too.

Pipeworks Lizard King - 8.5/10

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