Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Millstream German Pilsner Review

Name: Millstream German Pilsner
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5%
IBUs: 25

Here's a brewery that I haven't really looked at before and that is Millstream Brewing based out of Amana, Iowa. If my memory serves me correctly, I've had one beer from these guys before and it was their Iowa Pale Ale. If my memory serves me even better, I believe I it 3 years ago when I was visiting from Chicago and I grabbed this as part of a mix-a-six.

For the time being, I've got their German Pilsner, which is what we will be reviewing today and it's a beer that I don't recall seeing before. As for the Iowa Pale Ale, I'll be sure to review that sometime in the near future.

Appearance - Fairly clear straw-yellow color with just a hint of haziness and a high amount of visible carbonation. The head is fairly thin with some mild retention and the lacing is very sparse with just a couple small spots here and there.

Aroma - I'm getting some pilsner & pale malts with some grassiness and light floral hoppiness. There's also a hint of very light yeastiness, so there's really not much to it.....let's try it out!

Taste - The flavor is, for the most part, fairly similar to the nose. You've got pilsner and pale maltiness with some lemongrass-like notes and a mild yet sweet floral hop profile on the back of the palate. The aftertaste itself is quite dry save for a light toastiness that lingers for maybe a few seconds.

This is a pilsner that plays it safe and, sure enough, it works in its favor. You've got a nice crisp pilsner with a light body that makes this an ideal beer to drink on a nice spring/summer day. Like I said, it plays it safe so don't expect anything too extraordinary.

Millstream German Pilsner - 8/10

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