Thursday, July 2, 2015

Schell Shocked Grapefruit Radler Review

Name: Schell Shocked Grapefruit Radler
Style: Radler
ABV: 4.6%

Well, it's time to wrap up my Summer Seasonal beer series with something a little closer to home. I'll be looking at something from the August Schell Brewing Company called Schell Shocked Grapefruit Radler. According to the brewery's website, this was originally released as a draft-only beer back in 2012 before being bottled and canned a year later.

Like many of the beers I've looked at here, I've seen this everywhere but haven't gotten the chance to look at it. In fact, the last time I saw this prior to attaining this last week was in the middle of this past winter at a store here in town whose selection doesn't exactly have a high rate of product turnover. Aside from being a summer seasonal, no one wants to drink 8-9 month old beer unless you're aging it or are into that sort of stuff.

Appearance - A fairly clear pale yellow color with a light amount of carbonation. The head is about one finger in width and is quite soapy, along with the lacing which is also quite soapy and rather sparse.

Aroma - Grapefruit sweetness, some pale maltiness, grains, a light amount of floral hops and even a touch of earthiness. Not overly sweet like I was expecting.

Taste - Tangy and sweet grapefruitiness upfront, followed by pale malts, light orange peel & lemon twist and some light grains. The aftertaste is fairly dry, save for a strong tanginess that lingers on the back of the palate.

Out of all the Radlers I've had, this one is definitely my personal favorite out of the bunch. The flavor is nice and refreshing and there's something about the grapefruit aspect of the flavor that gives it a certain crispness, giving it the edge to stand out more. As such, I can see myself drinking this on a hot summer day in any given situation. If this is available in your area, I'd highly recommend checking this out.

Schell Shocked - 8.5/10

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