Saturday, June 27, 2015

Victory Kirsch Gose Review

I forgot to take a photo, here's the label...

Name: Victory Kirsch Gose
Style: Gose
ABV: 4.7%

I apologize for the lack of reviews this past week. I've had a lot going on that I've had to deal with. Amongst them was dealing with the death of one of my best friends, preparing things for grad school and getting things packed for my move in a couple of weeks. So if my reviews are spottier, you now know why. Anyways, let's get to the beer.

About 2 years ago, I had my first Gose ale and I wasn't too impressed with it. In fact, I was so unimpressed with it that I actually haven't had a Gose since then. Frankly when I did that review of Goosetown, I had written off the style as a whole and thought that it would never catch on. Well since I did that review, it seems like every brewery and their mother has released their own interpretation of the Gose style. But I always continued to ignore the trend because my first experience with the style was not-so-ideal. It's something I'm ashamed to admit considering how popular this style has gotten.

Today I'm turning a new leaf in regards to this style with Victory Brewing's Kirsch Gose, which is a Gose that is brewed with cherries. I'll admit I'm a bit anxious to see how this turns out seeing how as my first experience was not good.

Appearance - Fairly hazy dark red/salmon color with a foamy pinkish head. There's a little bit of carbonation in here and some soapy & sparse lacing.

Aroma - Bitter hoppiness mixed in with some cherries. There's some mild sour funk along with some pale maltiness and some salinity. So far so good.......well, bottoms up!

Taste - Sour cherry notes followed by some pale malts. I'm getting some saltiness too, some grainy notes and a very light touch of funk.

I'm guessing this is how a Gose is supposed to taste because I'm enjoying this quite a bit! Sure the flavor didn't quite blow me away, but it's quite good when everything is said and done. My only regret is that this wasn't the first Gose beer that I ever had. Then again, it wasn't released until long after this blog was first made.

Victory Kirsch Gose - 8.5/10

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