Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Widmer Brothers Hefe Review

Name: Widmer Brothers Hefe
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 4.9%

I've got a beer from Widmer Brothers, a brewery that I featured in my blog about..........2 years ago. I really need to keep up with the breweries I feature on this website. Oh well, I can't cover them all I suppose. Today I've got their Hefe, which as you probably guessed from the name, is a Hefeweizen. This beer calls itself the original American Hefeweizen and, to their credit, the brewery has been around for 30 years.

I used to have quite this style often, usually from Summit Brewing. They have since ceased making it much to my dismay, but I'm holding onto the belief that they will one day make it again (Hint Hint Nudge Nudge.)

Appearance - Very hazy yellow color with no visible carbonation. The head is white & very thin in appearance and the lacing itself is sparse with very little retention.

Aroma - Pale malts & malted wheat at first, but there is some banana sweetness that starts to emerge as it warms up. I'm also getting some bitter hoppiness tucked away in the back.

Taste - Malted wheat and light banana notes on the front of the palate, followed by some pale malts and bitter hoppiness. As for the aftertaste, it's pretty much just bitter hops and it lingers for a good while.

It's a hefeweizen that meets the requirements of the style, but having had many offerings of the same style from many different breweries and this sadly isn't close to the best I've had. Add it to your mix-a-six if you must but it isn't good enough to warrant the purchase of a six pack.

Widmer Brothers Hefe - 7/10

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