Monday, May 11, 2015

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale Review

Name: Left Hand Sawtooth Ale
Style: ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
ABV: 5.3%

Today I've got Left Hand Brewing's Sawtooth Ale, which is considered by the brewery to their flagship beer. I've seen this beer quite a few times and finally decided to get this as part of a mix-a-six. There really isn't anything too much to say about this beer aside from the label referring to this as an amber ale whilethe website calls it an ESB.

Appearance - Fairly clear amber color with tons of visible carbonation. The head is quite thin but has some very good retention and the lacing is abundant and sticky

Aroma - Strong yeast and bready-biscuit notes paired with a lightly toasted toffee malt backbone and some dry & floral hoppiness.

Taste - Toffee malts and floral hops are front and center on the palate. The second half of the flavor opens up to a bitter hop and lightly roasted barley notes, both of which also make up the aftertaste.

ESB's are one of those styles that are good, but never seem to floor me when it comes to flavor, and that's the case with this beer. There isn't really anything special about this beer. It's a simple, safe & good tasting beer that's worth adding to your mix-a-six should it be available in your area.

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale - 7.5/10

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