Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lakewood The Temptress Review

Name: Lakewood The Temptress
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.1%
IBUs: 56

The next beer I have from Lakewood Brewing is The Temptress, described on the label as an Imperial Milk Stout and touted by the brewery as "seducation in a glass." It's also the second Imperial Milk Stout I've reviewed recently, a trend which I hope to continue to see in the near future. It also goes out of its way to point out it's brewed with Lactose and Vanilla, so I'm quite eager to have this

Appearance - An opaque pitch black color with a little carbonation along the sides of the glass. The head takes on a medium khaki-color and the lacing is sticky and abundant.

Aroma - Rich Lactose & vanilla notes upfront , mixed in with some robust chocolate malts, oak, and some toffee sweetness. Also encompassing the flavor is a light hint of roastiness.

Taste - It doesn't deviate too much from the nose; You've got the rich lactose and vanilla notes on the front of the palate, followed by chocolate malts, oakiness, toffee notes and of course that mild roastiness. The big difference here is that there is some moderate floral hoppiness that lingers throughout the latter half of the flavor.

So far every beer I've had in the beer mail from Texas I've gotten has been a delight to try out, and this beer carries on that trend quite well. Plus how awesome is it that this beer, an Imperial Milk Stout of all things, is a year-round offering. You can bet that if I lived in Texas, I would be buying this on a very regular basis.

Lakewood The Temptress - 9.5/10

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