Friday, March 20, 2015

New Glarus Hopster Review

Name: New Glarus Hopster
Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

I was at the store recently when I came across a new offering from New Glarus Brewing. I give to you Hopster, which is a Hoppy Wheat Ale and a style that I'll admit I don't ever recall having before. I also found out that this is a re-release of Crack'd Wheat, a beer that New Glarus had last made a while back. Plus with Easter & Spring right around the corner, the green bunny rabbit fits the mood quite well.

Appearance - A mildly hazy bright yellow color with a very high amount of visible carbonation. The head itself has quite a bit of foamy volume and possesses sort of a whipped cream quality, so it comes as a surprise that the lacing is actually quite sparse.

Aroma - Getting some strong malted wheat notes paired with some equally potent floral & dry hops. I'm also getting some mild spicy-characteristics in here too, along with some cracked peppers.

Flavor - Fairly similar to the nose; Strong malted wheat notes & vibrant floral hops upfront. On the back end of the palate are bitter dry hops, cracked peppers, spices, and cloves. Aftertaste is malted wheat and bitter hops.

As stated earlier, I said that this is a style I'm not terribly familiar with. With that said, I'm glad I got a six-pack of this because Hopster is fantastic! It's got a nice malted wheat & hop profile while having a good Belgian-like complexity in the overall flavor, making this very easy to recommend to beer drinkers everywhere!

New Glarus Hopster - 9/10

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