Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bad Weather Windvane Review

Name: Bad Weather Windvane
Style: Red Ale
ABV: 6%
IBUs: 65

Another beer from Bad Weather Brewing! Today I have Windvane, which is their Red Ale. One thing I've noticed is that the labels from Bad Weather remind me of the watercolor paintings that my grandmother used to have growing up. Seeing these as beer labels makes me think of the days when I was just a wee pup visiting grandma's house.

So far every beer I've had from Bad Weather has been excellent, to say the very least. When I had their Migration last year, I didn't exactly have high expectations but I ended up drinking one of the best Blonde Ales I've had to date. Since then they've continued to impress me so here's hoping that the trend continues.

Appearance - Clear dark red color with some mild carbonation. The head is nice, foamy and takes on a tan appearance while the lacing is fairly good.

Aroma - I'm picking up on some surprisingly strong citrus hop and grapefruit notes. I'm also getting some solid caramel maltiness and light rye spiciness tucked away in the back. It smells more like a Red IPA than a Red Ale right now.

Taste - Well the citrus hoppiness is here & quite vibrant but the caramel maltiness is a lot stronger in the flavor. It's to a point where it overtakes the citrus hop and grapefruit aspect of the flavor. As for the rye-like spiciness, it's here but it isn't obvious at first because this is a very malty beer. However in the aftertaste, you do get a nice light rye and citrus hop sweetness.

With some breweries, every once in a while I'll see a change (for better or worse) in terms of the overall quality of their different beer styles. With that said, Bad Weather has managed to make another great beer without changing that quality which I've come to expect from them. Be sure to check this out if you get the chance!

Bad Weather Windvane - 9/10

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