Monday, October 27, 2014

New Glarus Cran-Bic Review

Name: New Glarus Cran-Bic
Style: Lambic
ABV: 6%

It's been a couple of month since I've reviewed anything from New Glarus Brewing, so I think it's time to break that dry spell. For this review, I will be taking a look at Cran-Bic, their cranberry lambic which is aged in oak barrels. I've never had anything sour from New Glarus before and lambics are not exactly as mainstream as IPAs are.

Cran-Bic pours a clear pink color with a high amount of active carbonation. The head itself too, is a bright pink color but the retention is quite fizzy and disappears almost right after the pour. As expected there is no lacing retention here either. Looking at the beer, it kind of reminds me of a bubbly pink Moscato.

The nose has a strong cranberry scent with some equally strong lacto notes to back it up. I'm also picking on some oak notes, which no doubt comes from the barrels that were used to age this beer.

The flavor is surprisingly sweet upfront with some sweet cranberry notes with moderately tart lacto taste. The oak isn't as prevalent in the flavor but it does provide some dimension to the actual taste.

The palate has a pretty light body along with the carbonation, so this is a pretty easy drinker.

Anyone who is not a lambic fan will not be won over by this, but this is a nicely balanced and flavorful beer. Although I haven't had as many lambics as I've had say.....IPAs, I can safely say that you're getting your money's worth by checking this out.

New Glarus Cran-Bic - 9/10

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