Thursday, September 18, 2014

Regular Guy Brewing Extra Pale Ale Review

Name: Regular Guy Brewing Extra Pale Ale
Style: English Pale Ale

It's time to look at the final beer sent to me by Seth from Regular Guy Brewing. For this review, I'm treading familiar territory with their Extra Pale Ale and I say that because Summit Extra Pale Ale just so happens to be a regular visitor to my fridge (amongst other things, of course.)

Unlike the last two bottles I got, the label on this is basically a sticker that was drawn on with a Sharpie. That's because it's still a beer in the testing stages as evidenced by the label.

Now originally I was not going to give this a score at Seth's request because it's an unfinished product, but because of my rebellious nature, I'm going to give this a score anyways as you will see why shortly.

Regular Guy EPA pours a very dark orange color with a very hazy appearance. The head is very foamy and voluminous, especially with an aggressive pour which I found out the hard way. The lacing is somewhat soapy and some mild visible carbonation.

The nose has a very distinct citrus and tropical fruit scent upfront with the tropical fruitiness smelling a lot like kiwis. There's also some toffee malt sweetness and some mild yeastiness on the back end of the nose.

A relatively strong yeastiness starts things off in the flavor but with some prominent citrus hops, mangos and kiwi fruitness. There's some floral hoppiness in here too along with some caramel maltiness, which are on the back end of the palate. As for the aftertaste, it's actually very dry with the exception of a light yeast and floral hop flavor.

As for the body, it is pretty light with some fairly moderate carbonation, which is on par with other EPAs that I've had before.

For an "Unfinished" EPA, this is actually quite good and the flavor provides a unique spin on what is an otherwise familiar style to myself. While some traditionalists may be put off by the fruitness of the beer, I for one welcome it and would gladly buy this if this were available in stores.

Regular Guy Brewing Extra Pale Ale - 8.5/10

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