Monday, September 8, 2014

Flat 12 Walkabout Pale Ale Review

Name: Flat 12 Walkabout Pale Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.3%

Tonight I have yet another Indiana beer that I will be reviewing that is not from Three Floyds. This time, it's from Indianapolis-based brewery Flat 12 Bierwerks with their Walkabout Pale Ale. Since Three Floyds is synonymous with Indiana beer, I'm very curious to try beer from the other breweries in The Hoosier State.

Walkabout Pale Ale pours a very hazy dark yellow color with a very foamy head; We're talking Brewery Ommegang calibur head here. I made the mistake of aggressively pouring it for not even 2 seconds before the head started started pouring over the sides of the glass. I had to spend 10 minutes trying to pour this beer before taking the photo out of fear that it would happen again. Once the head does settle down, there is no lacing to speak of along the sides of the glass with very little in terms of visible carbonation.

The nose is pretty citrus hop forward with some yeasts, toffee sweetness and mild floral hops at the back end of the aroma. Pretty standard smelling in terms of APA terms.

The flavor is very hop forward much like the nose, but it's split down the middle between citra hops and bitter piney hops with a fair amount of yeastiness. The aftertaste is a very bitter resiny flavor and possesses a mild amount of toffee maltiness.

The palate has a very thick body and is quite heavy. The carbonation is pretty light though, which makes this a relatively easy drinker.

Extremely foamy head aside, this is a very well put together APA. It doesn't break the mold too much but with its solid flavor and easily drinkability, it's very easy to recommend. Should I get the chance, I would love to try out more beers from Flat 12 in the future.

Flat 12 Walkabout Pale Ale - 8.5/10

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