Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three Floyds Calumet Queen Review

Name: Three Floyds Calumet Queen
Style: Kolsch
ABV: 5%

Next up on my Three Floyds care package that I'm finally getting around to reviewing is more of an off-beat offering, at least in my opinion. The beer in question is Calumet Queen, the brewery's kolsch style ale. Up until getting this, I had only seen this beer on Beer Advocate and was always curious to see what it tasted like.

The name originates from the "Calumet Region" which is synonymous with Northwestern Indiana. Munster, which is where Three Floyds is located, is in Northwestern Indiana.

Calumet Queen pours a very pale yellow color with a mild haze to it, but otherwise fairly clear. Visible carbonation is pretty mild with a very thin white head.

The nose is fairly pale malt forward, a fruity grape (not grapefruits) scent with some barley notes and some light yeasty notes.

The flavor has some pale malts and some hop bitterness upfront. There's also some grape notes and some pilsener malts on the back of the palate.

The body is very light but the carbonation is a bit more on the moderate side. Nonetheless, it does feel very crisp and fits the overall flavor profile quite well.

In short, Calumet Queen is a nice offering from the brewery that proves to be reasonably flavorful yet sessionable beer. It's a good nice summer seasonal that's worth checking out should you get the chance.

Three Floyds Calumet Queen - 8/10

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