Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Brewery Ommegang Fleur De Houblon Review

Name: Brewery Ommegang Fleur De Houblon
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
ABV: 6.8%

With the exception of their Iron Throne Blonde Ale, I have never had anything that is a limited release or a seasonal from Brewery Ommegang. In fact, up until now, I didn't even know they did seasonal releases but thanks to the Keyport Growler Fill Station (and Wikipedia), I now know that this is not the case.

Coming from a growler, I give you Ommegang's Fleur De Houblon: A Belgian Pale Ale that just so happens to be the brewery's Summer Seasonal; The name, Fleur De Houblin, is French for "Hop Flowers." I have never had any of Ommegang's beers on tap, let alone, from a growler and I'll be honest, I never thought I'd ever have anything from the brewery in a growler.

Fleur De Houblon pours a fairly clear yellow color with some fizzy carbonation rising to the top of the glass. The head, while quite foamy, did not produce that trademark voluminous head upon pouring that I'm used to seeing from most Ommegang beers. I suspect that the reason for this is because it's from a tap line and not a bottle.

The aroma possess a pretty solid Belgian yeastiness to it with a nice floral and piney hop scent. I'm also picking up on some cloves, spices, some light lemon zest and sweet maltiness which sit at the back of the nose.

The flavor carries over some aspects of the nose, certainly in regards to the Belgian Yeasts with the cloves hanging off of that. The hop profile is pretty vibrant and is a mostly even split between Floral & Resin Hops with the latter comprising mainly of the aftertaste. The malty backbone is best described as moderate at best but does provide some needed balance to the flavor itself.

The palate possess a fairly heavy body and there is also some moderate carbonation in here too. There's also a bit of a light thickness in here too.

Fleur De Houblon is a very good Belgian Pale Ale. It may not break the mold in terms of style but the vibrant flavor is more than enough to justify the purchase, whether you're getting it in a growler or a bottle.

Brewery Ommegang Fleur De Houblon - 8.5/10 

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