Friday, March 14, 2014

Surly Blakkr Review

Name: Surly Blakkr
Style: Black IPA/Imperial Black Ale
ABV: 9.99%

For this review, I bring to you a collaboration beer courtesy of Surly Brewing, 3 Floyds, and Real Ale Brewing: Surly Blakkr. Surly & 3 Floyds have done a collaboration beer before with Urine Trouble but I think this may be the first time they have worked with with Real Ale.

All 3 brewmasters with the aforementioned breweries are big metal music fans, which is the inspiration behind this beer. Even the name and beer label artwork look like they belong on a Norwegian black metal album cover. Even the name, Blakkr, comes from the Old Norse word which means "black."

Blakkr pours a black color that turns into a barely noticeable crimson red when held to a light along with a khaki-colored head. The lacing in this beer is also pretty good

The aroma is quite unique to say the least. I'm picking up on notes of mangoes, citrus hops, dark fruits, and mild chocolate malts. For a black ale or IPA, depending on who you ask, this is rather fruity smelling with only a minor but noticeable chocolate/roasty characteristic.

The flavor starts out with some strong citrus hop, piney hop notes, and mango notes; Followed by some roasted barley, chocolate malts and a citrusy aftertaste with just a hint of a resiny bitterness.

The palate possess a fairly heavy body but with some very light carbonation. It's got a pretty smooth texture and it's very easy to drink. Perhaps a little too easy for it's own good when you consider the strength of this beer.

It goes without saying that this is very tasty, well-balanced and a must have for any craft beer fan or anybody looking for something a little different. Since this is the closest thing we'll get to 3 Floyds here in Minnesota for the time being, I don't expect to see this sitting on shelves for too long so pick this up while you still can!

Surly Blakkr - 9/10

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