Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Avery Salvation Review

Name: Avery Salvation
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 9%

I remember it like it was yesterday, having Hog Heaven, my first ever barleywine courtesy of Avery Brewing Company. Hog Heaven introduced to the barleywine style of beer to me and has since become one of my favorite styles of beer. So it hit me like a fist to the gut when I found out that they would be pulling out of Minnesota last winter to focus on growing their brewery. Like a broken heart whose lover left in the middle of the night without uttering a single word.

Then a couple of weeks ago while listening to the radio on the way home, the owner of Keyport Liquor over in Superior, WI, announced that Avery had made it's return to Wisconsin and they had it in stock at the store. After 2 long years, my patience had been rewarded and I now had access to it once more. When I went to pick some up, they didn't have Hog Heaven much to my disappointment but I decided on a bottle of Salvation to try out. Plus I think the Eastern Orthodox-style artwork on the label is awesome.

Salvation pours a clear golden color with a fizzy head, with some moderate carbonation and no lacing left behind.

The nose has some strong Belgian yeast, cloves, and pale malts upfront. The floral hops and mild citrus smells provide a nice balance to what is an otherwise spicy-like aroma.

Likewise the taste is very Belgian yeast forward which provides a foundation for the other flavors, which consist of cloves, spices, pale malt notes before being topped off with a moderately strong citrus hoppiness . Interestingly enough it's got a very piney/resiny aftertaste which I had not detected earlier on.  The palate is fairly moderate in weight and it gives off some pretty mild carbonation, making this pretty easy to drink.

It's nice to see that the quality which I know and love from Avery is still consistent, even after a couple years of absence. Anyone looking for a good & vibrant tasting Belgian-style ale will be pleased with what Salvation has to offer.

Avery Salvation - 9/10

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