Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rush River Double Bubble Review

Name: Rush River Double Bubble
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 9%

While in college, Rush River Brewing Company was amongst many of the breweries that I had tried out when I first got into craft beer. Based out of River Falls, Wisconsin; They do alot of business in both Wisconsin and the Western part of Minnesota. I decided to review their Double Bubble Imperial IPA as a first from this brewery. An interesting fact about this beer is that it's brewed with honey.

Double Bubble pours hazy orange color with a filmy head. It's got some good lacing retention and moderate carbonation.

The aroma has a nice honey scent with some citrus & floral hops, grapefruits and pale malts. The honey scent is particular is a nice touch.

The flavor is very citrus hop forward with some toffee notes and piney hops. The aftertaste is where the honey is most noticeable along with bitter resiny notes. The palate has a very heavy feel to it which is paired with some mild carbonation.

Overall, it's a solid Imperial IPA with an interesting twist. I would definitely recommed this to any seasoned IPA fan or somebody looking for a slighty different IPA.

Rush River Double Bubble - 8.5/10

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