Monday, January 27, 2014

Keweenaw Pick Axe Review

Name: Keweenaw Pick Axe
Style: Blonde Ale
ABV: 4.7%

I'm doing something a little different for this review because it's from a brewery that is still relatively obscure according to what I have learned. I'm talking about Keweenaw Brewing, a small brewery from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. They're a pretty new sight on store shelves and we here in Duluth have access to their offerings.

For my first offering, I decided to review their Pick Axe Blonde Ale. Based on the other beers offered by Keweenaw, they all come in 12oz cans.

Pick Axe pours yellow color with a slight haze. The head takes on a filmy white appearance and no visible lacing.

The aroma consists of pale malts, barley, floral hops and slight grassiness. It has sort of a Czech-Pilsner quality to it.

Flavor is pretty much the same as the nose but a bit heavier emphasis on the pale malts which take on a light Pils quality. Aside from that, the barley and mild floral hops are present here. Aftertaste is on the drier side with just a hint of barley.

It's pretty lightweight in terms of body and it has some light carbonation as well. It does feel a bit watery but at the same time it's also a very easy to drink beer

Despite it's simplicity, Pick Axe is a very approachable beer and an affordable one at that. It isn't as good as my favorite blonde ale, Fulton Lonely Blonde, but it makes for a sessionable beer and perfect one for any occasion.

Keweenaw Pick Axe - 7.75/10

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