Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mankato Stickum Alt Review

Last year Mankato Brewery opened it's doors and Mankato, MN had a brewery to call it's own after a 45 year absence. Sadly for me, I was never really able to try out their offerings at first because I was living in a different state at the time they started distributing here. Once I moved back here to Minnesota, I never really got around to trying it out, mainly due to financial reasons and a whole bunch of stuff happening in my life at that point. Last weekend, I picked up their Stickum as part of a mix-a-six because I figured I had been putting it off long enough.

Stickum is an Altbier Style Ale, which from my understanding is fermented at warmer temperatures like a California Common style beer but is then aged at colder temperatures, unlike California Commons which are pretty much aged in the same temperature in which they were fermented. I've only had one Altbier before which was Alaskan Amber and I found it to be quite good.

Stickum pours a dark but fairly clear amber color with a good amount of visible carbonation. The head retention is quite good and leaves behind some nice lacing along the sides. The aroma has some sweet caramel, mild spiciness, orange citrus and roasted malts

In the flavor, you find pretty much the same thing as the nose: Caramelized Malts, Spices and Fruity Orange notes with a bitter citrusy hop finish. The body is fairly heavy and the carbonation starts out strong but settles down as time goes on.

I think this is a good beer! It's good to see this style of beer becoming more of a commonplace, especially one that is done rather well. I'll be keeping my eyes on Mankato Brewery as well as any of their future offerings.

Mankato Stickum Alt - 8/10

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