Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale Review

Back in 2002, Stone Brewing started releasing their "Vertical Epic" series, which is/was their annual line of Belgian Strong Ales with each respective year (i.e. 03.03.03 for the year 2003.) Since I was only 15 years old when it first started, I never got the chance to try it out and Stone was not yet widely available. From what I understand, 12.12.12 will be their last of the Vertical Epic series unless they decide to pull a 13.13.13 on us.

Since today is the first day here in Minnesota that we can go outside without having to wear a sweatshirt or jacket, I will be heading out soon with my fiance to a Bar-B-Que & Bonfire. So I figured I would get this out of the way before I head out and enjoy some steak along with some tasty Sierra Nevada.

Vertical pours a dark brown color with a brown head. The lacing left behind is also abundant and sticky.

The nose has some fairly strong caramel, pumpkin pie, spice, plums and malty notes. It's like a pumpkin ale mixed in with a strong ale.

The flavor has some rich spice, caramel, and piney hop notes which is backed up by plum/fruity and spruce notes. It reminds me of Olvalde Brewing's "Ode to a Russian Shipwright" which uses spruce tips during the brewing process but nowhere near as prevalent.

The body is also fairly light and the body feels rather smooth. It's pretty easy to drink and allows one to enjoy the flavor.

I really enjoyed 12.12.12 but it saddens me that this won't be a continuous release because I think would be a great regular seasonal release. I'm sure the availability of 12.12.12 is dwindling with each passing day so be sure to grab one if you so happen to see it.

Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale - 9.25/10

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