Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Glarus Serendipity Review

Name: New Glarus Serendipity
Style: Fruit Beer 
ABV: 5.1%

Ah New Glarus Brewing Company, I love your beers & everything you have done for craft beer in America in general. I'm just not a big fan of their distribution strategy; Only being sold in Wisconsin despite being the 17th largest craft brewery in the country.

How I long for the day where I can walk into a Minnesota Liquor Store and grab a 6 pack of Spotted Cow, or any of their Thumbprint Series. Until that day comes, I'll have to settle on getting my New Glarus fix whenever I visit my old man in Duluth every couple months by going over to Superior.

A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my Dad in Duluth for a couple of days. Friday Morning rolls around and there is news of a blizzard heading in the direction of Duluth and the Twin Cities area. So at 9AM, I pack my stuff into my trunk, say my good-byes and head out on my way. Not to be deterred by the oncoming blizzard, I make my usual stop over in Superior just as I am leaving the Twin Ports area to a place called Keyport Liquors over in Superior.

I head inside with the intention of picking up some Spotted Cow to take back with me, but then as I approach the New Glarus Mix-a-Six Section, I see it staring me in the face.

It beckons to me "Buy me now, you've heard about how tasty I am and now is your chance!" Without a second thought, I quickly grab it thinking that some transcendent being would teleport out of nowhere and take it from me.

That's right, I had the legendary New Glarus Serendipity in my possession: One of the most highly sought after beers of 2012.

Serendipity pours a dark ruby red color with a equally red foamy head. It has a moderate carbonation profile and some mild fizziness. It almost looks like wine; Even the bottle itself is dark green, reminiscent of some of the wine bottles I have.

Now the smell is unlike anything I have seen before, at least from a fruit beer. There's no malts, yeast or hop notes here what-so-ever, like I've seen in previous beers like 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon or Sam Adams' Cherry Wheat just to name a couple. Instead I'm getting nothing but a sweet mixture of cherries, apples, and cranberries, I would go as far to say that this doesn't smell like a beer at all. However, I find the smell to be very pleasant to the senses; If I could, I would probably smell this all day!

The flavor, well, is absolutely fantastic! It is like anything I've had before, but it has a couple familiar characteristics. The flavor pretty much mirrors the smell with it's sweet and tart cherry, apple, and cranberry flavors and it is an absolute treat! The sour aspect reminds me of a Flemish Red/Wild Ale but in a moderate sort of way. It also doesn't taste at all like wine, with the exception of an Apple Wine I tried a couple years back.

The body is on the heavier side, and the carbonation is rather mild. It felt like sparking grape juice but with heavier body. Somehow, it seemed to compliment the flavor quite well, but I was too distracted with the flavor to be picky about anything else at that point.

Beers like Serendipity make me wish we had New Glarus here in Minnesota, because this is an excellent beer. I will say, however, that if you don't like Fruit Beers that you really should give this one a chance, it's that good!

New Glarus Serendipity - 9.5/10

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